Specialty Classes

From time to time Ventura Danzar hosts specialty classes. These classes are special events and are not part of our regular curriculum. Most Specialty Classes will be open to everyone, however some classes may be open only to students who meet minimum or specific requirements. Specialty Classes usually have a limited student capacity.


A Zumba® Master Class is more than just your usual Zumba class. They might feature guest instructor(s) from another area, Zumba Jammers or instruction by a Zumba Education Specialist (ZES™). They may be held to support charitable causes, to celebrate a special event or holiday, or just because we want to offer you something extra.

Master Classes usually run longer than the typical Zumba® class — often 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. They do not require any special fitness skills and are open to students of all fitness levels.


A Zumba® Zumbathon is a special extended length event that is usually held to support a charitable cause.  Several different Zumba instructors will teach at the event, which is typically from two to three hours in length (with breaks). They do not require any special fitness skills and are open to students of all fitness levels.


Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN™) Jam Sessions are conducted by licensed Zumba® Jammers who are specifically authorized by Zumba Fitness, LLC to provide Zumba Instructors with innovative new choreography that can be integrated into their Zumba® classes.

ZIN™ Jams are intensive three-hour instructional sessions designed for instructors who are ready to take it to the next level, and include one-on-one coaching in a group setting. ZIN Jam Sessions have a maximum capacity of 30 members and are open only to ZIN members who are in good standing.


Demonstration Classes are a good opportunity to check out all that Ventura Danzar has to offer; from Zumba® to Hip Hop, Yoga to Swing Dancing. They may feature a class we already offer or showcase a different type of dance fitness we’ll be adding in the future. Demonstrations may be held in the Ventura Danzar studio or off-site at another location. Demonstration Classes are open to everyone.

Everyone who participates in a Specialty Class hosted by Ventura Danzar is required to complete Student Registration and Release of Liability forms before attending the class. (Current Ventura Danzar students who already have these forms on file are exempt from this requirement.) Specialty Classes may require an additional Release of Liability for all participants.