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Fall into Ball Bliss Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Workshop

“Fall into Ball Bliss and Happy Hips” a Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball workshop – Relieve aches, calm pain, and enhance your movement activities in this revitalizing self-care Yoga Tune Up® workshop. Explore specialized self-massage therapy that targets the tension in your hips and back, and experience effective corrective movement techniques for greater mobility and stability to help you move better in your body.

    Laurie’s Bio:

Laurie Streff is a movement educator and teacher trainer with over 25 years of fitness experience. Passionate about inspiring people to prioritize self-care through exploratory movement and restorative techniques, she is especially excited to share the self-care principles of therapeutic mobility and myofascial release created by Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® Method which bring heightened awareness of what the body needs to operate at its very best.

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