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Be Relevant Workshop with Pepper Von

Attention all dance, group fitness and movement educators. If you teach a class in a gym or in a studio, from martial arts to yoga, you will not want to miss this opportunity to learn from legendary choreographer, educator and motivator, Pepper Von.

The objective of “Be Relevant” is to improve one’s understanding of rhythm, movement science, choreography construction, artistry and performance. How to communicate your movement to your class in a more dynamic way.
Participants will learn:
• The applied science of proprioceptive facilitation and the kinesthetic process
• Movement texturing through accents, rigidity and flow
• To use directions of travel and levels of space
• To identify and physically articulate music commands (explosive energy and crescendo)
• To interpret sound information such as cadence, phrasing, syncopation and other elements of musicality
• Performance dynamics through exhibition of facial emotion and expression.



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