Class Schedule and Instructors are subject to change without notice.

Terrific Thursday!!!
Zumba at 9 am with Ellie
Zumba Sentao at 10 am with Richelle

Zumba at 5:30 pm with Jorge
Power Cardio Kickboxing at 6:30 pm with Lisa subbing for Tony
Zumba at 7:30 Pm with Ionia

See YOU soon!
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Good morning!
Train, get strong, move and groove with Power Kickboxing at 8 am with Lisa
Zumba at 9 am with Richelle
Strapped at 10 am with Ionia

Zumba Gold Toning at 4:30 pm with Marianne
Zumba/ Zumba Toning at 5:30 pm with Ionia
Strapped/Insanity at 6:30 pm with Adam
Zumba at 7:30 pm with Jorge
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Hurry and spring into fitness!
ZUMBA at 9 am with Ellie
ZUMBA Sentao at 10 am with Richelle

Pound Fitness at 4:30 pm with Petra
Zumba at 5:30 pm with Jorge
Power kickboxing at 6:30 pm with Lisa subbing for Tony
Booty Blast at 7:30 pm with Ionia
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Move it Monday! Make it a great start to your week.
Power Kickboxing at 8 AM with Lisa
Zumba at 9 AM with Idavis
Zumba Gold Toning at 10 AM with Marianne

Zumba Gold at 4:30 PM with Ionia
Zumba / Zumba Toning at 5:30 PM with Ionia
Strapped at 6:30 PM with Ionia
Zumba at 7:30 PM with Jorge
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Hello FITNESS Fans!

Thank you for choosing Ventura Danzar for your fitness needs.

Our motto is DANCE TO BE FIT, TRAIN TO BE STRONG. We’re a different kind of dance studio or fitness facility. We offer forms of GROUP FITNESS. We are also Ventura’s first studio dedicated to Zumba Fitness®.

We do fitness. We train you, guide you and help you with our knowledge and our techniques.

Have you ever gone into a gym and wondered what to do with the machines or how to work your body? No one was there to guide you or help you, right? It might have felt overwhelming. It made you want to just leave and give up. You pay for a membership you never use.

At Danzar, we support and cheer each other on. Many students become close friends and we become a community of people striving for the common goal of health. We still have members with us since day one and still come daily to classes.

We are not a gym. We are specialty fitness studio with licensed, certified staff and unique fitness programs designed to help YOU with YOUR goals.

We make fitness FUN! Join us and see what we are all about.


  • POWER CARDIO KICKBOXING – Kenpo and Muay Thai styles
  • INSANITY Fitness
  • STRAPPED Resistance Fitness
  • BOOTY BLAST Fitness
  • YOGA – Restorative and Fitness Yoga


    About the name:

Danzar is the Spanish word “to dance”. Dancing is a form of movement. That’s what we do. We keep you moving to whatever training, flavor or beat.
We have great instructors ready to help you burn the calories, keep you moving and grooving all while having a blast.